Light has always been of particular importance for me. Growing up between England and the Mediterranean, I remember the stark contrast of the light; the muted green, grey and brown tones of England as opposed to the bright blues and whites of Italy and Greece. Through the constantly changing environments I experienced at such an early age, I came to the understanding that there are multiple perspectives and many hues through which the human experience can be filtered.
Studying World Religions at SOAS gave me a strong foundation in sacred art, architecture, biblical/spiritual imagery and narrative. This knowledge was deepened through my research and work as a transpersonal psychotherapist, which incorporated dream symbology and archetypal imagery. My ethnographic research into traditional cultures and practices were motivated by my belief in the importance of preserving traditional practices in our rapidly changing and increasingly homogenised contemporary society. I am passionate and committed to preserving traditional crafts so as to be able to pass these on to the next generation.
In 2011 my interests moved from research to application with a desire to work with my hands. I studied fine art at City lit for two years and sculpture at Morley college for two years which gave me a good foundation in visual language. My understanding of multilayered practice and appreciation of traditional techniques was deepened at the Princes Foundation School of Traditional Arts. In 2018 I attended a short course in Stained Glass at the Princes School and fell in love with this medium. 
I am extremely excited by the scope of textures achievable on glass and in particular flash glass. I have been experimenting with sandblasting engraving, painting, staining, and gilding and have used diamond drills and pads which create interesting textures and gradations as well as with the various effects achievable through painting. I love the multidisciplinary nature of working with glass, from the initial concept, to research, to choosing the right glass and colour harmony, onto cutting, painting, firing and leading. Each part of the process is filled with challenges and growth. 
I am motivated by a love of learning, exploration and experimentation. My aim is to continue the process of refining my skills in glass to the best of my abilities, to remain respectful of the genius loci (spirit of a place) and to contribute, in some small way, to enhancing and bringing beauty to public and private spaces through transmitted light. 
If you are interested in commissions or personalised bespoke pieces contact:

Natasha O. Redina 
London E2
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